Nepal Airport Tax

Passengers departing to another country dose not require to pay departure tax. The departure tax is already inclusive with the ticket. Whether the flight to domestic sector will require to pay Nrs. 200 per departure. While taking a domestic flight you are requested to show up one hour in advance and while flying internationally require 2hrs in advance to show up in the check in counter. However some airlines require 3hrs in advance as well as. Please check our information desk for the further information before you are leaving to take your flight.

While you are flying internationally you are advised to check or reconfirm your flight whether your ticket is ok or if any changes with the time and schedule. There may have delaying or even postponed some cases due to weather or so.

Hired taxis are available at TIA to go to the hotels or other places. It is advised to fix the price before you take the taxi. Please ask the receipt and taxi number for your convenient.

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