Backpacking Checklist

1. Navigation

Map (with protective case)


GPS (optional)

2. Sun protection


Lip balm


3. Insulation

Jacket, vest, pants, gloves, hat (see Clothing)

4. Illumination

Headlamp or flashlight (plus spare)

Extra batteries

5. First-aid supplies

First-aid kit (see our First-aid checklist)

6. Fire

Matches or lighter

Waterproof container

Fire starter (for emergency survival fire)

7. Repair kit and tools

Knife or multi-tool

Kits for stove, mattress; duct tape strips

8. Nutrition

Extra day's supply of food

9. Hydration

Water bottles or Hydration system

Water filter or other treatment system

10. Emergency shelter

Tent, tarp, bivy or reflective blanket

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